South West Town by Xavi "Papa Dick" Guillamón (Sound System FM)


They were not born in Kingston and did not study at Alpha Boys School. They have never stepped into the Federal Studios or performed in the Ward Theatre. But blood charged with ackee & saltfish runs through their veins and the Wareika Hills' drums resound inside their heads. Their lungs breathe the air of the Blue Mountains and the sounds of 60's Jamaica ring in their ears.

The record you have in your hands shows the true passion Soweto feels for Jamaican ska. It can be sensed in every detail of each of the tracks - from the leader instruments to the most hidden contributions - creating a sound that carries you to the pure, traditional and jazzistic style of the classics, to the likes of Coxsone, Reid, Buster, Kong, Chin or Yap. In "South West Town" the original sound prevails but without the recourse to covers of other artists. In fact it is a collection of own penned tracks that could have been composed in the early 60's in a Trenchtown yard. There is just one honourable exception, the guest appearance of one of the brightest living stars of Jamaican music, Derrick Morgan. Musical director for some of the greatest producers of the time, he recovers "Ain't That A Shame" - originally recorded for Leslie Kong - to recreate it with Soweto. An extra contribution of talent added to an album that oozes admiration, love and respect for the music that opened the pathway to international recognition of Jamaican culture.

Get ready to dance, vibrate, dream and travel from the first note on. I'm already doing it!




Soweto was born in 1998 in Barcelona under the influence of jamaican music and the traditional sounds of black culture, making a group of friends start playing the music that they were listening and admiring at that moment. The way was not easy, but after the first concert of the band, the group finds in the scenes and his public a form of channelling and projection of his music.

The band continues his path without pause, with members' changes, concerts and other acts of importance. His music wins little by little in quality and his interventions are highlighted increasingly by the specializing critique. Nowadays the band is formed by nine members and is considered one of the best black music formations from Spain. The current and already consolidated formation edited a maxi single in 2005 under the name of "Selects...", and it was conceived for his more faithful public, and also for the whole people who does not know this type of music. The members of the band describe their musical influences as black music of the 50s, 60s and 70s, and especially the one manufactured in Jamaica with all his slopes as jazz, blues, soul, funk or R&B: Prince Buster, The Pioneers, The Skatalites, The Maytals, The Gaylads, Soul Brothers, Carlos Malcom, Laurel Aitken...

After touring Spain and part of Europe in 2006, and wining some important contests in Spain, Soweto finally edited in 2008 their first album "You Give me Fever", one of the best ska albums ever recorded in Spain. In 2009 and 2010, Soweto has been playing in Spain and Europe, and also backing the jamaican legend B.B.Seaton from The Gaylads at some festivals.

In 2011 the band releases "South West Town", another ska album recorded in Barcelona that has confirmed Soweto as one of the best eurpoean bands playing jamaican music from the 60s.




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