Al Supersonic & The Teenagers


Al Supersonic and The Teenagers : Ready for Soul


The Teenagers, as they are known on the soul circuit, play soul music
with a visceral attitude; authentic and credible in a world where image
is more often than not valued higher than music. Their 2008 debut
release, Waiting for the First Bus in the Morning, on 7", will be followed
shortly by their first LP, recorded in Madrid under the auspices of Carlo

Since their formation in a borstal in Granada (Spain) many years ago, the band
have had a clear idea of their influences and the musical spirit they wish
to impart, with ´60s and ´70s Afro-American Soul foremost in their minds.
Their musical tastes are varied, incorporating Jamaican music and the roots
of soul and rhythm and blues, as well as the subsequent development of
black American music. Above all they love Northern Soul: the music and the
culture. The Teenagers have soul music in their veins; when asked they say
that they are not soul, nor do they make soul; rather soul makes them.

They have backed in concert such legendary figures of ´60s soul as Dean
Parrish and P.P Arnold, have supported The Jam, and their first single sold
out within weeks of its appearance. Their songs are the product of years
of passion, dancing to and pouring over the music they love, choruses and
arrangements imbued with the true spirit of soul. Smart and with street
attitude, they understand the language of the music. They´re better
experienced live, where the forcefulness and presence of Al´s gritty vocal is
supplemented by the sumptuous presence of Vanesa Spin´s brilliant Hammond,
honest horns and the classy rhythm section of Javi Frias and Gustavo Fernandez.

Al Supersonic and The Teenagers paid their dues in difficult circumstances,
buying Stax, Trojan and Kent records as an initiation ritual and combining this
with an enduring passion for the best in youth culture. They revive the essence
of Motown, Atlantic and rare soul, while bringing to the table the spirit of groups
with related histories, such as, amongst many others, The Housemartins and kids
like them, who live for the best music in the world.
The Teenagers are ready to take on all-comers.




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