Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra


What can you say about a band like Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra that would do them justice? Their infectious Ska sound has earned them a cult following amongst Ska, 2-Step and Punk aficionados. Their raw energy, slick style and boundless talent has seen them sell over ONE MILLION albums worldwide,. They have toured the world numerous times, both as headliners and supporting the likes of SKATALITES.

They boast a back catalogue of over 10 albums, countless singles and 2 DVDs - TSPO are not to be underestimated. SKA ME CRAZY is the first ever “Best Of…” of this inimitable group to be released in Europe and pulls together the highlights of a career that spans over 15 years. Formed in 1985 by ASA-CHANG (who left the group on 1993) and some of his high school friends, the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra has been growing in size and notoriety from the minute they stepped on to the scene.

Many members have joined and left but a few of them have been present and active since TSPO’s initial inception as a cult underground band – YUICHI OKI, GAMO, TSUYOSHI KAWAKAMI, ATSUSHI YANATA and TATSUYUKI HIYAMUTA are core members that cement the foundation of the band. After releasing their 8th studio album, FULL-TENSION BEATERS in Europe, December 2000, TSPO set out on their first European tour - a 12 day (11 venue) tour-de-force of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany - completely overwhelming skinheads throughout the continent in a tour which culminated in a millennium countdown performance in Berlin.

Since August 2001, TSPO have released 3 singles, 2 albums proper (scoring a #1 and #2 respectively in the domestic charts), 1 live album and 2 DVDs. They have appeared at a number of outdoor music festivals including the Fuji Rock Festival, Glastonbury, Eurockeennes (France) and were also the first Japanese band ever to appear at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in the US last year. Recent years have seen the band tour the US (2004), Europe 3 times (2000, 2003, 2004), and most recently, a 38-date tour of Japan, filling venues such as YOKOHAMA ARENA (capacity 15, 000) and YOYOGI DAIICHI GYMNASIUM (capacity 10, 000+)! If all that wasn’t enough, TSPO are not only successful musicians and DJs, but also have their own label JUSTA RECORD, and even publish label magazine, JUSTA MAGAZINE on a regular basis.

With 3 well received tours of Europe under their belts, a brand new album, Ska Me Crazy – The Best of” due in March on UK’s cult label, “Cherry Red”, and a European tour and summer festival dates also lined up for 2005, you cannot afford to miss this chance to catch up with one of the most exciting and captivating Ska bands the world has seen for a long time!


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